Giveaway Terms & Conditions

By taking part in our giveaways you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions below apply to every giveaway unless stated differently.

– Winners have 7 days to respond and claim their prize. Failing to do so means waving any claims to the prize.
– Non-winners will not be notified, we will not engage in any correspondence regarding the giveaway results.
– No warranty can be claimed on giveaway prizes with us or the manufacturer.
– Neither TechTesters nor the manufacturer of the prize is responsible for any damages, harm or sadness that comes from you winning or not winning a prize, directly and indirectly.
– We respect your privacy. Winners will be contacted privately and we will not publish identifying information publicly. We will only share winner responses if they decide to respond publicly (posts in the public domain).
– Any personal information (for example name, adres, etc) you provide to us when claiming your prize is used only to contact you directly and/or for shipping purposes. We do not share your information publicly. We do not store your information. We do not sell or otherwise give away your information to any third parties.
– Manufacturer of the prize determines qualifying regions. Different giveaways may have different qualifying regions.
– We are not responsible lost shipments or damage caused during transport.
– We’re not responsible for any applicable taxes, import fees or restrictions that may apply in your country.
– You must be of legal age to enter our contests.
– We reserve the right to make changes to giveaways and/or these terms and conditions.