Giveaway F.A.Q.

Q: How do you contact the winner?
A: Depends on the Giveaway. If it’s on Instagram we send winners a DM / direct message on Instagram, other Giveaways will always state how the winner is announced.

Q: My (Instagram) profile is set to private, can I still win?
A: Yes. Even if your Instagram profile is private we can see if you’re following us.

Q: The post says to tag 2 friends. What if I tag 3, 5 or 1337 friends instead of 2?
A: Great. You can tag however many people you want, whoever you want, or whatever you want as far as we’re concerned. (If you can hook us up with an Adidas or Porsche sponsorship, awesome!)

Q: Can I comment several times?
A: Sure you can. Just don’t expect it to raise your chances as we always filter out double/multiple comments.

Q: I’m under-age, can I win?
A: Yes. But you will need permission from your parent/guardian. If the giveaway includes age-restricted prizes (like games with 18+ rating) you need to be that age.

A: If you did not get a message from us saying that you won, you did not win (that day).

Q: I got a message that I won, but it was sent from another channel/page/account that isn’t the verified Techtesters account! DID I REALLY WIN??
A: No, someone is trying to scam you. We will NEVER ask you to pay US for shipping. Use your brain, don’t get scammed.

Q: I don’t see your announcement of prize X!!
A: We respect privacy. We will only publicly announce winners if the winner posts publicly him/herself (for example in an Instagram story or post) OR gives us permission to share that they’re a winner.

Q: I still don’t see your announcement of prize X!!
A: Sometimes people don’t give permission, sometimes people don’t even respond to claim their prize. That means that some days you won’t see an announcement, that’s life.

Q: I live in country XXX, can I win?
A: If the giveaway says ‘Global’ that means you can enter from any country in the world. Do keep in mind that some (trade, legal, etc) restrictions may still apply. Keep in mind you have to check your own local regulations to see about possible import duties or taxes yourself, we are not responsible for those.

Q: Why don’t you answer my message (or comment) about the Giveaway!?!
A: We will not answer any questions that you can find answers to in this FAQ, the Giveaway Terms & Conditions or the Giveaway Posts.

As per those Terms & Conditions, we will not correspond regarding Giveaways as a general rule. That means simply don’t expect an answer about any giveaway related question. This may include questions like:
“Why do you use Instagram and not Gleam / Website X / a headless chicken?”
“Why don’t you announce winners in a video or stream?”
“why did this person win he/she already has a pc?”
“Why did this person win he/she doesn’t even have a pc?”
“I really need this prize because …”
“I entered every day and I still haven’t won.. I will kill your dog”

We will however file a police report if you threaten our dog. Or anyone else for that matter.

Q: But why don’t you answer my other messages / questions?
A: Giveaways cause hundreds of people to send us messages and leave comments. On Instagram, YouTube, e-mail, etcetera. We really appreciate people reaching out, and we always try to answer honest questions, but it’s impossible to track and answer them all so we’re sorry if we didn’t respond yet. If you have any (tech related) questions, please join our discord (it’s free) and ask it there, it makes our lives much easier 😊. Link to our Discord server: